It is the year 2117 in the sprawling metropolis of NeoRio. After the near disaster of the Climate shift, 4 decades ago, the city has bounced back in magnificent fashion. Having bankrupted themselves in a brave endeavor pioneering the use of canals to stem the encroachment of the rising sea levels that threatened to wash their entire city away, the Rio municipal government has since ceased to exist. The corporations run this town now.

The Assembly of Christ the Messiah Eternal – selling unity through e-sports and heavy handed Catholocism.

PortmanCo – moving everything from the place it is to where it needs to be, security and discretion guaranteed.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer – practically the only name that remains in film, television and celebrity culture and an advertising juggernaut.

Body Confidence – promoting self love and the perfection of image, from fancy shoes to the most extreme body modifications.

PetroVale – keeping the world safe, both on and offline with integrated network security and physical, no nonsense, heavy armaments

In this scene of capitalism gone mad, the common folk indoctrinated or ground into the dirt by the corporate machines, only the canniest learn to scratch out a living without selling their souls. Shadow operatives, tools of the corporations but seperate from them, deniable and, ultimately, disposable…


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